ABOUT the Person

Foulques Couvreur has always been attracted by recording sounds and images.
It all started with the famous FisherPrice recording microphone that he received on his 5th birthday.
To record his family quickly became a favorite occupation. And when he discovered his father’s old video camera, he transformed his family life into a real TV Reality show.
Currently he’s a professional videographer and realizes any kind of “ TAILOR-MADE ” film, ranging from event movies, to corporate movies, sports movies, family movies, action movies, aquatic movies, opera and concert movies and others…
If you have a video project in mind, then don’t hesitate to contact him.





Filming is not the result of what you see in your viewfinder but also what is out.
Thanks to my experience in the event video, I learned a lot about adaptation and framing.
Indeed the success of a good video is to show the viewers something they don't know. That's why the originality of the shots take all their meaning!


No light, No image
Good light, Good image
A well lit shot is what every videographer asks for.
I quickly realized that natural light is not reliable enough. To fix that, I needed to manage lights. Thanks to artificial lighting, the correct quantity of light and shadow can be obtained. It all becomes possible!
But the use of lights is not always possible.
And then the fun begins, trying to find the good angle on your subject, with the existing natural light at hand.
The key message is ADAPTATION !


The era of silent films has passed!
For almost a 100 years, the industry has succeeded in mixing the sound with the image.
Two arts became intertwined: Music and Videography, and the SEVENTH ART was created.
Today one can safely say that videography is nothing without an adequate sound. This could be some beautiful music or a very audible voice during an interview.
That’s why the use of professional microphones in order to capture the right atmosphere is essential for a good and successful result.